Prophetic Appointments with Hearyourway 

Our friends at Hearyourway run prophetic appointments over zoom! You can book one here: hwww.hearyourway.co.uk

Prophetic Appointments are offered to be an encouragement to you with where you are at in life. They are intended to be one-off 20minute appointments as the most important voice to hear from in the everyday is of course God's.


You will be welcomed by experienced team of prophetic ministers who love hearing from God for others & sensitively sharing what they believe he is saying.

The words you receive will be encouraging so please feel at peace & be relaxed - you are very welcome to ask any questions before or after the session - & of course you can ask for clarity at any point if needed. 


It Is always important to weigh any words given to you & God will always bring confirmation so we encourage you to ask him for this as well as speaking with those trusted people around you.

We do not seek any directional words from God, such as any answers to yes or no questions you may have. 


We have found that many people find it helpful to record their appointments on their phones so that they can refer back to it at a later date.


Feedback is also really helpful for our growth and development, therefore you will receive a very short & easy questionnaire to fill out after your session.


The team consider it a great honour to have opportunities to offer Prophetic appointments. Prophecy is a gift so we will never charge for appointments. However some people feel led to make a gift & these are always gratefully received but never expected.