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Welcome to the Resound Church blog!

We recognise that we are in difficult times. So much of what we cherish about Church life is under threat, with widespread isolation and the discouragement of public gatherings. The good news is that the heart of the Church of God is loving community. A look around the world, and back through the pages of history show us that, time and time again, this community reinvents itself in all manner of circumstances. What we are dealing with now may be extraordinary circumstances, but this merely requires us to adapt and modify what we do as Church. One proposed solution to the restriction on gatherings is this blog. This will be a channel for community, discussion and spiritual reflection. As often as possible (aiming for daily), we will try to post on here with encouragements, biblical reflections or even songs of the day. All good things to keep our minds ticking and our conversation going. This is not to replace anything but hopefully to supplement your own devotional times, small group conversations and the Resound sermons we will hopefully be recording weekly to upload onto the podcast. So join us on this journey and get involved! If you are interested in writing something to post on here, please email

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