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The new normal

By Christine 'CJ' Johnson

During the past few weeks I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been thinking it will be so good to get back to normal! But actually, will it be so good?

Was 'normal ' really what we should be doing? Maybe there are a few things we shouldn't be going back to! In some ways I've quite enjoyed being 'grounded '. Not having to rush out somewhere, meet a deadline, do something I promised to do. Yes, I know, I'm retired! But still my time is not my own! I don't really hanker after an extravagant and self indulgent lifestyle ( although all things are relative!) I don't want to be going out all the time or doing something exciting. I'm a bit of a homebody really.

What I do sometimes long for though is some peace and quiet, some stillness in my life. So now I am getting it! And I like it! Can I keep it up though? Isn't THAT selfish and self-indulgent? I read somewhere recently that 'service is joy' , or something like that, and indeed it can be. It's just finding the right balance that's difficult. It's interesting what happens when we are still for a while.

During the recent warm weather, hubby and I started sitting in the FRONT garden in the afternoon to have a cup of tea together and watch the world go by. And what happens when you do that is, you get to know your neighbours better! Sometimes they stop and talk to you (from a distance at present!) ; or they just carry on with what they are doing. Either way you can learn a lot about them. So this is one practice I want to continue, even when the pandemic is over. Not to be nosy, just to be neighbourly.

And now I'm wondering what else God wants to show me through this ghastly experience. I haven't got into a routine with it yet. But I'm hoping I will, and that it will be one I can continue.

Perhaps some of you, like me, have been wondering why God didn't warn us about this pandemic. He must have known it was going to happen! But perhaps He DID warn us! Perhaps we're not listening closely enough? Too busy being 'busy'!

The World Health Organisation certainly warned us.

Why were we not better prepared?

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