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Making a difference

By Christine 'CJ' Johnson

Some of you may have noticed on Facebook that I have started a petition (click here)! You didn't think I was serious did you! But my thinking is, it just MIGHT do some good! So what's it all about?

Well, I've been noticing quite a few posts on Facebook recently about pollution levels going down dramatically since people have been staying at home. ( Spain, Italy, China, UK.....) So I thought, what if we kept up this practice of "staying at home" , to a degree, even after the Coronavirus has been overcome? Wouldn't that make a difference to the environment, if enough people did it? I'm not suggesting this becomes a law! But just hoping to provoke people to think about whether car journeys are really necessary. Could we stay 'home' one day a week, at least? Obviously 'home' does not mean inside your house, we can still go for a walk.

So the idea of the petition is not to get lots of signatures ( although that would be encouraging!) but just to raise awareness.

There are those who suggest that Christians already do this by observing the 'Sabbath'. (which, incidentally, is not on a Sunday, strictly speaking.).But that's not the same is it? Most of us drive to church!

It has also been observed, quite logically, that if we just squeeze that extra journey into the six days we're not staying at home, nothing will be gained. So best not to do that.

I'm just saying, can we think about it. Obviously there are some people who will find it impossible. But for the rest of us, I think it's worth making the effort for the sake of our planet!

Who's with me?

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