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By Christine 'CJ' Johnson

A few years ago, a lady in our street who lived alone, had a stroke, sadly.

It was a Saturday ( we think ) and she was sitting in her kitchen. Her son did not discover her until the next day, by which time, of course, much damage had been done. As most of us know, a stroke patient needs immediate attention if they are to recover well. So, she did not recover well, and had to go into a Care Home, where she died a couple of years later.

A similar thing happened to my husband's sister about fifteen years ago. She was on the floor all night. She's still alive but badly affected by her stroke , her left arm is completely useless and her quality of life very much diminished.

My thinking at the time ( and now) was what a pity that no one was checking up on them on a daily basis. It only takes a quick phone call or text; just to say "are you okay?". I did mention this on Facebook a while back and there was a bit of a discussion. Some people mentioned that you could pay for an alarm button for this kind of situation, or that family should do it. But some people don't have family nearby ( or they don't do it), and it seems a bit excessive to pay for a service that you might never use. And I doubt that either of the people I have mentioned could have pressed an alarm button.

I just wonder if this is something the church could ( and should) provide? There aren't that many people who live alone, but those who do and who are also elderly or vulnerable, deserve our care don't they?

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