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Behind the music: Ian Pengelly

In this feature, we find out what different worship songs mean to us. First up is worship team co-leader, Ian Pengelly

The Blessing

This is a new song which we have not used at Resound but one that is worth listening to. The words are taken from Numbers 7:24-6, a priestly blessing over the Israelites. They were first spoken over 3,000 years ago and still resonate today as an expression of who God is as the One who wants to bless us with His presence and with His peace.  This is surely a truth and a reality which the world is crying out for, and never more so than at this time of global crisis.  May we experience such a level of His blessing on our lives that ultimately has a profound impact on the lives of those around us who do not yet know Jesus.


Be Enthroned

The idea of worship spanning a thousand generations (Exodus 20:4) is both very uplifting and comforting to me. We live in a world that is rapidly changing but God never changes and His faithfulness to us never changes. There is a sense of continuity in worship which reaches across generations and nations.  We are created to worship Him and enjoy being with Him forever.


Sovereign Over Us

This song speaks of God`s faithfulness and goodness through the toughest of times and circumstances.  It reminds us that He is able to work out His plans for our lives even when we don`t understand what is going on within us and around us.  This is one of those seasons when we need to acknowledge the sovereignty of God and that His love for us is perfect in the midst of feelings of separation and isolation.  The words of this song express many truths about who He is; for each one of us that will mean something different and my prayer is that the Holy Spirit will bring fresh hope and peace in whatever way you need as we seek together to work out what it means to be followers of Jesus.

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