At Resound, we believe an important part of our mission is to support and work alongside people who are doing God's work not only in our city, but all over the world. We partner with local and global ministries with the aim of supporting them financially, publicising their work and needs, promoting what they are doing, and creating opportunities for individuals or teams to volunteer or serve with them in some form or other.

Local Partners


Crossways is an integral ministry of Resound, born out of vision from those in the church and running in the Resound building.

Crossways' vision is to create a warm, comfortable, friendly and welcoming environment for all children, their families, carers and visitors. The Crossways staff are experienced, approachable and trustworthy, and operate an ‘open door policy’.

They listen to children and adults in order to provide high quality learning, opportunities for everyone.

They aim for children to develop high self-esteem and a strong self-identity, encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves, each other and the environment around them, in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Crossways' priority is for children to be happy, healthy, safe and confident in a fun environment.
InHope (previously Crisis Centre Ministries) is an award-winning charity that has been working in Bristol for over 30 years. Comprised of four projects, they are dedicated to helping those with life-disrupting problems, such as homelessness and addiction, to enjoy healthy, independent lives. Their mission is to transform lives through offering food, shelter, hope and support to the most vulnerable in the community.
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Parent Buddies is a universal one-to-one listening and befriending service offered to parents/carers in Bristol by trained volunteers. The service has been designed to offer short term specific support, depending on individual needs. This may include: listening, befriending, supporting parents/carers with specific issues causing stress, and signposting parents/carers to specialist services when needed.
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Global Partners

 The Mutende Project is a school and orphanage in Lulamba, Chingola, which is in the Copperbelt of Zambia newr the border with the Congo. It offers opportunities for orphans and abandoned children to be cared for in a loving, family environment and for concerned people to make a difference in a child's world. The project has grown out of a long standing relationship between Resound, Linden Church in Swansea, and The Fire Baptised Church of Zambia.
The Bridge Trust Ltd is a Bristol based charity, engaged in relief, education, training and development. They work in India and Zambia as well as in the UK and other developed nations.
Partners Relief and Development work in communities touched by conflict to ensure these children are protected and have all they need to reach their full potential. The key areas they focus on are sustainable development, strengthening families and emergency relief. They not only bring relief aid into desperate situations, but have been planning for and re-building infrastructure to meet children's primary needs; working side-by-side, together with the people themselves.
Naomi is a YWAM missionary based in Townsville, Australia. She is currently staffing a Disciple Training School, which includes a lecture phase focussing on character and spiritual development, and also an outreach phase serving communities in Papua New Guinea and Australia.
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