Life Events

We're committed to standing at the centre of our community. One of the ways we want to do this is by being involved with the major life events of the people around us. Whether it's celebrating new life in the birth of a child, mourning the loss of a loved one or coming together for marriage ceremonies, we want to be there. Get in touch if you'd like us to stand with you for any of these events.


At Resound, we follow the biblical tradition of dedicating young children, by praying for them and their families, offering our support and care.


When an individual commits their life to following Christ, baptism is a natural event to shortly follow: a public declaration of their faith in Jesus.


It's a proud moment when we get to celebrate two people committing their lives to each other through the biblical concept of marriage. Resound is able to offer its facilities for the ceremony and reception.


Grieving is an important process for those who have lost a loved one. Funerals are an opportunity to mourn together, and to give thanks.